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I am not an educator, but a community leader who believes in the public education system and the promise of our youth succeeding and one day becoming leaders in our community.

For over a decade, education and literacy has been at the top of our community’s agenda. This is encouraging news, because it reflects that residents, business leaders, community leaders, politicians, and the media, all consider a good education essential to sustaining our democracy, keeping our economy strong, our streets safe, and improving our overall quality of life.

In both Folsom and Rancho Cordova, we are seeing a period of strong economic growth, new housing and school development, low unemployment, and even local colleges in our neighborhoods. Despite these very positive signs, it is clear that we also live in a time when families, educators and the community are deeply concerned about the academic performance of our students and the ability of public education to address and meet the challenges of the future. This concern is significantly heightened in a few areas throughout this county, especially among poor students and students of color.

As the families in our community have become more frayed due to divorce, increased families headed by single parents, dual careers, mobility, and other challenges, our schools have been expected to assume greater responsibility in providing meals, after-school supervision, and supportive guidance. While schools have taken on this increased responsibility, no amount of schooling can replace the essential role that families play in helping students to value education and work hard to achieve. As your representative on the Board of Education, I will continue to advocate for those families and schools, and fight to ensure that the necessary resources are provided for reading to our children, taking the time to ask them about homework assignments, discussing career and college options, and supporting our children at school events and performances.

We also need our government services; the city and county, and our existing school board members to ensure that families and are supported, and that are safe places for children to partake in recreational and team building activities. For the betterment of all students and the community, we need them to establish policies and programs that provide adequate and stable housing, transportation and employment.

As a current member on the FCUSD Board of Education, I am both proud and honored to have served the cities of Folsom and Rancho Cordova. Moving forward, I will continue to advocate for our parents and teachers who believe in the educational system and the promise of our youth succeeding and one day becoming leaders in their own right. I have a strong vested interest in our communities and school district. In addition, my professional experience in the education resource field has always included advocating for education and workforce development at the local, state, and federal levels. If I am re-elected, I will continue to make partnerships, not politics, a priority as I do believe that parents, teachers, city leaders, and the school board must work together to foster a quality learning and safe environment! Also, schools must emphasize skills training including new technologies, so our students are prepared to compete and prosper in this new global economy.

You can count on me to work hard and stand up for our schools and community in every way I can.

I appreciate your vote!

For endorsements and campaign information, please visit my website here.

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